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Best Housewarming Gifts After Moving to a New House or Apartment in Van Nuys, CA

At Laprom Movers we see lots of different housewarming gifts as we help people move into their new homes. There are some housewarming gifts that truly make an impact when they are received. Today we want to share with you some of the best housewarming gifts that we have seen over the years.

Home Tool Kit

A tool kit is one of the most practical housewarming gifts out there. When you move you may not be able to find your tools right away. The basic tools are often time needed though as you move into your new home. Having a tool kit with a hammer, measuring tape, wrench, screwdrivers, nails, screws, and a level can truly be a lifesaver.

Gift Card to a Local Restaurant

Another great gift is a gift card for a local restaurant. When you move into a new city or neighborhood you are not familiar with good places to eat nearby. In the chaos of moving stopping to research food is such a pain! Having a neighbor give you a suggestion of a local restaurant and a gift card can be such a blessing.

Treats & Snacks for Movin Day

Delivering treats as a housewarming gift is also another food option that is always a hit. Unpacking and setting up your new home can really work up an appetite. Having some treats handy to snack on can be just perfect. You do not have to make them yourself if you are not a baker. You can always purchase a snack at the store to deliver as well.

Front Door Welcome Mat for New Home

Laprom Movers has found that not many people move their welcome mat with them to their new home. For some reason this is an item that most people throw away when they leave their previous home and move to their new home. Giving your new neighbor or friend a brand-new welcome mat is always a fun housewarming gift. You can get them something simple or order them something personalized.

Flower Bouquet Moving Gift

Flowers are a simple but appreciated housewarming gift. Every home looks pretty with a fresh bouquet of flowers on the table. You may want to bring a vase too since they may not have unpacked their vases yet. Moving is a stressful experience. Being able to walk by some beautiful flowers as you go about your day as you unpack your home can bring a smile to your face.

Housewarming Plant Gift

You may want to give something that will last longer than a bouquet of flowers. A plant is the perfect option such as a money tree to wish good fortune. Your new neighbors or friends can enjoy the beautiful plant for years to come. Make sure that you buy something that is easy to maintain just in case they do not have a green thumb.

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It does not really matter what gift you bring to welcome your new neighbors or friend into their new home. The love that you deliver the gift with is really what counts. Housewarming gifts are really about letting them know that you care. We wish you the best of luck as you select your gift! And when it comes time for you to move whether locally or long distance, call Laprom Movers!