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Checklist for Preparing to Move Elderly Parents into Your Home or Other Place in Torrance, CA

Every single stage of life has the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes along with it. If you think back about the different stages in your life you probably have some fond memories of all of them. As we get older we get more mature in so many ways. Growing older also causes some concerns. Eventually most adults reach out a point that they cannot safely live on their own. If someone in your family has reached this point and they need to move into a senior living home or in with one of their children Laprom Movers has some things for you to consider.

How to Know when Elderly Parents Need to Move

The process of moving an elderly parent, sibling, spouse, or friend is definitely something you will want to handle with care. There are many different areas you will need to consider and properly plan for. First you need to decide if the time has indeed come to move your loved one. When you start looking at the options you will need to consider if your loved one can perform six daily functions. Can they bath, eat, get dressed, go to the bathroom, control when they go to the bathroom, and get out of bed without assistance? If they can no longer perform these functions you will likely need to move forward. Sometimes it can be hard to determine if your loved one can really do all of these daily necessities. Many elderly people do not want to move out of their home so they will not be truthful with you when they answer your questions. Observation will be key in these situations. When you go into their house is the house extremely dirty? Does your loved one have poor hygiene? Is their health worsening? All of these can be signs that it is time to move your loved one.

How to Convince Elderly Parents to Move into Your Home

If you have decided that the time has indeed come to move them you will want to move forward gingerly. Your loved one may be resistant to the idea at first. To make this process go smoother Laprom Movers recommends that you include them in the decision making process as much as possible. You will want to decide what all the viable options are for your loved one. Then come and talk to your elderly parent and see what choice they would prefer. You may think that you know what they would prefer but be surprised to discover that you were wrong.

Preparing an Elderly Parent to Move In

Once you have decided where they are moving you will want to begin planning for the move. You can include your loved one in parts of this process as well. Most of the time when elderly people move out of their home they have to get rid of many items. Go through the items in the house carefully. Your loved one may choose that they want to give family members some of their sentimental items when they move out.

Packing, Moving & More in Tarzana, Encino, Reseda, Burbank, Calabasas, Glendale, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA & Southern California

After you have gone through all of the belongings Laprom Movers can come and take care of packing, moving, and unpacking everything for you. This will leave you and your family members available for your loved one. Moving can be an emotional experience for elderly people. They will need your support more than you realize this day. Take the stress out of this day for everyone involved by scheduling Laprom Movers today.