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Commercial Relocation Packages in El Segundo, CA; Checklist for Relocating a Business

When a small or large corporate office needs to be relocated there is a lot to consider to ensure the move goes smoothly. During a move, important files, documents and equipment always seems to go missing. This can have a major impact of the business. Laprom Movers would like to help prevent any mishaps during your next corporate move and share a few tips on a successful corporate move.

Make Plans to Move Your Business Early

Most corporate moves are often planned months before the move needs to occur, with a few exceptions. When a major move or business relocation is scheduled, the one who is managing the move must begin making plans far in advance to ensure the move goes smoothly. There is a lot of planning that goes into a corporate move and you will want to begin as early as possible. Here is where to start:

Hire a Moving Service

Moving services get very busy and it can be hard to find a professional moving service the day you want to relocate the office if you have not planned ahead. It is recommended to schedule a moving service once you know the day you want to move. You can schedule their service for the precise day of your move. They can help load, unload, and even crate fragile equipment.

Organize Your Office Move

Some corporate businesses when relocating will take all of their office desks, chairs and/or furniture and equipment with them. Others may consider replacing their offices with new furniture and equipment after their arrival. When you know what you plan to take with you begin making an inventory list. That list can help you know how big and how many trucks you may need as well as ensure everything gets packed and taken to the new location without incident.

Moving to New Office Announcement

Once you have the location or address of your new office, begin making announcements and advertise the new location to make sure clients and customers know where to find you. Additionally, print new business cards with the new location and any other updated contact information. If possible attempt to keep the same phone numbers to prevent communication errors. If possible make appointments and meet with client to make sure they know about the move and your new location.

Give Employees Notice that Business Will Be Relocating

Another important step is providing your employees plenty of notice. They will need to make sure work gets done before the move since it can take some time to set up an entire office. If there are any critical tasks that need to be done, make sure to prioritize their duties. Additionally you want to give them time to pack their personal belongings and label all documents and equipment that may need to follow them to the new location.

Label Boxes for Moving & Storage

When moving a corporation you will want to put a labeling system in place to make sure nothing gets left behind or misplaced. Especially, when there is multiple departments, you may want to label each department by color which makes is it easier for the movers to know where to unload.

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