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How Professional Movers Protect Your Belongings when Packing & Moving in El Monte, CA

If you’ve ever moved yourself, you know it can be a real, time consuming science. One of the most nerve-racking tasks that come with moving are packing things away gently enough that you hope they won’t get broken in the move. Somewhere along the way, you realize just how much time and money can go into safely packing things up. This is when you realize the true value you get when you hire professional movers to do the dirty work for you. You may be wondering if there is an easier way but we can tell you that experience is the defining line in situations such as these. Take for instance, packing paper. You buy some packing paper at the store and head home to start packing up your kitchen. You probably aren’t sure how many pieces of paper each item needs, so you either end up using too much and run out of wrapping paper prematurely, or you use too little and things end up broken. A pro does this task day in and day out, so we know just how many pieces to use on each item to keep them safe and secure, and in half the time. Plus, professional movers always bring more material than will ever be needed on one move, so they never run out. Laprom Movers is here today to tell you some of the ways we protect your things during a move.

Packing with Bubble Wrap

Just as packing paper has its purpose, bubble wrap is another effective tool professional movers utilize to protect sensitive and fragile items. There’s no such thing as too much bubble wrap and movers have plenty of it. This is arguably the best protective material for any delicate or highly breakable items. Everything from expensive framed art, wine glasses, china, mirrors, paintings, furniture with protruding parts and electronic devices will be bubble wrapped. This will add an extra layer of protection while these fragile items are in boxes and minimize the movement while to prevent damage. Professional movers also understand and keep in mind that some types of fine furniture need to “breathe”, and bubble wrap isn’t always the best choice to protect it. They will provide other accommodations for such furniture.

Large Moving Blankets

The signature blue blankets you’ve probably seen movers use religiously are thickly padded, protective blankets. These work great for protecting large appliances and all types of furniture from scratches and other damage during the move. These blankets also allow air to circulate around more fragile pieces of furniture so they can “breathe” during the move. Movers also use these blankets as a way to protect doors and wall corners from damage during the move.

Specialty Moving Boxes

Top rated, full-service movers have access to items that may be difficult for the average person to obtain, such as specialty boxes and other special packing materials. These specialty boxes offer the highest level of protection for your possessions. Dish boxes, aka dish barrels are composed of a double-layered corrugated cardboard that is thicker and stronger than regular moving boxes. These offer the highest level of protection for your breakable kitchen items. Wardrobe boxes are tall boxes with a metal rack on the top, specially designed to protect fine or designer clothing. Picture/mirror boxes provide a safe place to store fine art or paintings during a move. This minimizes movement and protects the art from damage during the move.

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These are just a few of the ways we protect your valuables during a move. Full service moving companies also carry full coverage insurance to protect your valuables along the way. That way if something were to get damaged, you can rest assured the item is covered. Laprom Movers offers a full-service local and long-distance moving experience from A-Z. Let us handle the particulars and logistics and save yourself the time and back breaking work, call the experts for your next move.