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How to Downsize Your Home Belongings to Move for a Long Distance Retirement in San Gabriel, CA

Once the kids are grown and living their own lives and people have done their time working, they look forward to retiring and settling down in new areas. Once retired, many people will consider moving to favorable cities to experience new parts of the country or to move closer to loved ones. No matter your reasons for moving once you retire, we at Laprom Movers would like to offer a few tips to help make your long-distance move plan.

Set Moving Budget

You will likely need to set a budget, not only for your move, but for monthly living expenses once you retire. After retirement, you no longer have the luxury of working overtime, or requesting paid sick days or vacation time. As a result, you may have to set yourself a strict budget. Downsizing the home’s contents can help improve finances as well as help cutting moving costs. You will likely need to account for every financial transaction. So that you can comfortably afford the new living arrangements, be sure to calculate mortgage or rent, state and property tax, utilities, the cost of moving, and other monthly living expenses.

Downsizing a Lifetime of Belongings

When you commit to a specified location, you are going to be less inclined to haul 30 years of stuff with, especially considering the expense of a long-distance move. No matter if you are maintaining a budget or not, part of the process is to downsize. You are not going to and don’t need anything you haven’t used in over 12 months, with items of sentimental value being the exception. Items in fair condition can be sold online or at yard sales or donated, everything else can be trashed or recycled accordingly.

Upgrading or Downgrading Belongings

There are many different mentalities when it comes to the perfect size living space. Where people prefer to go big, others prefer humble and small, and some like in between in varying degrees. Changing from one extreme to another can be challenging to get use to. Additionally, consider the years to come in maintenance and cleaning needs for the new home and if you believe you can manage it.

Relocation Considerations

The final destination needs careful thought. Are looking get closer to kids that have moved away along with the grandkids, or perhaps you are not interested in being the full-time nanny and want to travel in your early retirement and want to move away from the expectations of free babysitting obligations. When it comes to location, consider how the climate and usual weather conditions will impact your health such as arthritis, allergies, and other respiratory issues. To help make a final decision, write down a list of pros and cons of the places you are considering moving to.

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Moving with the experts. When you do make a long distance move, you need professionals to ensure your valuables are transported with care. With other services, Laprom Movers can help you reach your destination and help your move be smooth and successful. Contact us today!