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How to Move Heavy Furniture & Other Objects in Monterey Park, CA; Disassemble, Crate & More

Moving your house from one place to another can be fun but also stressful. The move is something that most people look forward to but the work that it takes to move all your belongings can be frustrating and difficult. The best thing that you can do is to hire a moving company that has the expertise to come and pack and load your items. This can take a lot of the stress away and allow you more time to deal with other needs that a move brings. One of the areas that you need to consider when you move is the hard to move pieces and the large pieces. There are some tips that you can use when you have to move larger items. This will help move the work faster and make it simpler. Laprom Movers offers tips on moving large and heavy items.

Disassemble Furniture Before Moving

One of the things that you want to do when you have objects that are large and hard to move is to see what you can do to lighten it. Some of the items that you will have to move that are heavy or large are cabinets, beds and bookshelves. What you want to do is look at the item to determine what you can do to make it smaller and or lighter. You should start with emptying out all the drawers or shelves and putting the items in their own box. Then you can make sure that you take out shelves or other parts of the unit that are easy to disassemble. You want to make sure that you look at the best way to do that and still keep the structure sturdy. You don’t want to take it down too much so that it may start to become damaged if you move the item.

Packing & Moving in a Custom Crate

The items that you are moving that tend to be large are not going to fit in any boxes. The things that you put in boxes are protected with paper, bubble wrap and other materials as well as the security of the box. The best thing you can do with large and heavy items is to make sure that they are also protected. This might be your piano, headboard, dressers and shelves. They can be difficult to move and protect so be sure that you cover them with blankets and other material. You want to also be sure that when it is being loaded and packed it is not being damaged by the other items that are being loaded around it. The best thing to do is hire a moving company that will build a custom crate around these large and heavy valuable objects.

Move With Care

After you have taken off what you can from the large items and found a way to protect them you need to get them moved. The moving is what can be a difficult part since you can be injured if you are not careful. You want to be sure that you push the item instead of pull. You also want to use any furniture movers you have as well as dolly’s to take the weight off. You also want to make sure that you plan out the path that the large item will go so that it fits.

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