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How to Pack Video Games, Game Consoles & Gaming Equipment for Moving in Agoura Hills, CA

Gamers understand the delicate nature of consoles and gaming equipment. When moving Playstations, Xboxes, Wiis, computers and other valuable gaming paraphernalia, it needs to be done safely. To avoid damage during the moving process, it is vital they are safely packed. Being that your gaming equipment is at risk and susceptible to damage, we at Laprom Movers would like to share some tips to ensure your gaming equipment is moved as safely as possible.

Tips for Packing Gaming Equipment

A good cleaning or dusting is the first step for packing your game consoles and electronic equipment.
Use Best Packing Supplies for Moving. Being that it has already been designed to provide the most protection to your device, the original packaging is the best choice. Be sure to gather the cords and packaging materials. Otherwise, you may want to find the appropriately sized hard-shell box. Though it is not optimal, a standard cardboard box close in size to your device will, just be sure to use bubble wrap to fill the void.

Use Padding when Packing Game Consoles

It is crucial to add padding to protect your devices from rattling around, cracking or breaking in the event you’re not using an original or specialized box. Electronics will be at risk to short outing or reducing their life span with packing peanuts, sot they are better avoided. When it comes to the gaming consoles anti-static bubble wrap, clothes, or newspaper are the materials used for packing materials.

Game Controller Storage Solution

Keeping the consoles, cords, and controllers together is optimal. The controllers should be well-protected, and cords neatly, and safely wound. The controller’s buttons and joysticks can lose sensitivity and efficiency if they are not properly wrapped. Each controller should be neatly wrapped with the cords and protected individually. To keep each gaming system separated and organized, all the parts of each console into the same box. Also, avoid packing anything that is not gaming equipment in the same box.
Label the boxes. Meticulously labelled boxes can make both packing and more so, unpacking, a lot smoother. As you pack each item, keep a detailed inventory of each console.

How to Pack Video Games & Game Consoles for Moving

To safely pack your gaming system, follow these step by step instructions:
1) Make certain there are no discs/games left in the system before you unplug anything. The game can be damaged if it is left in the unit while being moved.
2) Remove it from the system before packing if your system has a rechargeable battery.
3) As mentioned above, wrap the console, controllers, and any accessories.
4) Before putting anything in the box, place a layer of padding on the bottom of the box.
5) Place the lightest on the top after individually wrapping items in the box with the heaviest items on the bottom.
6) To ensure pieces don’t shift around during transit, fill in any empty spaces with extra padding or paper.
7) Before you close the box, place a second layer of padding across the top.
8) Once everything is in it and your inventory list is complete, label your box. The sooner you will be playing games in your new home, the more specific you are.

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