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How to Research Schools when Moving to Montebello, CA; Ratings, Rankings, Class Size & More

If you are shopping for a house you will want to make sure that you think about all of your needs. In addition to knowing how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want in your ideal home you will want to consider the community that you are moving into. If you have kids you will also want to look into the school districts. Your child spends six hours a day, five days a week at school so making sure that they are in a school district that will meet their needs is extremely important.

School Ratings & Rankings

When people start researching school districts many times they start by looking up test scores. Test scores are one factor that you should definitely check out. Knowing how well the district performs is an outstanding indicator of the school district. You should also look at the percentage of kids that receive free or reduced-price lunch. This will show you how the district is doing with students that are living in more difficult circumstances.

Average Class Size in School

You will also want to check into the average class sizes are in the school district. Studies have shown that there is a direct link between class size and student achievement. Schools where the teacher to student ratio is low consistently perform higher. Kids need the attention of their teachers to learn most effectively. When the classes are larger in size it is hard for teachers to pay enough attention to each individual student.

Extracurricular Activities in School

Another important part of your child’s school experience is extracurricular activities. Every school has a unique set of offerings when it comes to extracurricular activities. You will want to look for a school district that offers a large variety of activities for your children to participate in. You never know what your children will want to participate in as they grow so look for a school district with a wide variety of activities and programs.
Over the years there has been an increase in technology available for teachers. Everyone has their own opinion of how much technology is best to incorporate into the classroom. Technology can aid in your child’s academic growth. You will want to research what kind of technology is used in the school district before purchasing a home.

How Long Do Teachers Stay Before a Transfer to Another School

When your child is at school they are being taught by a variety of teachers throughout the day. If the teachers are happy in their job they will do a better job of teaching your children. You can find sites that rank the percentage of teachers in each school that have taught for three years or more. If this number is low that means that the district has a hard time keeping their teachers happy. You can also search news stories for stories about teacher contract negotiations, teacher strikes, and more.

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By taking time to research school districts you will have confidence in the education that your children will receive in your new home. Laprom Movers wants you to be happy with your home! We hope that the home that we help you move into will bring you happiness for years to come. Contact us to discuss your next move today!