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How to Tell Your Child They are Moving & Help Cope with Anxiety in La Canada Flintridge, CA

When you decide to move from your current home into a new one it can cause stress for you and your family. There are so many unknown factors as you leave the comfort of your current home. Many times adults have researched their new location so they feel more at peace with the move but kids can find it hard to find that peace. If you are getting ready to move you will want to make sure that you take time to help your child prepare for the move. Laprom Movers thought you would appreciate us doing some of the research for you on this topic so we have put together a list of things to try.

How to Tell a Child They are Moving

Our first tip is to take the time to discuss the move with your children. You could be moving for a variety of different reasons. You may be moving because you want to live in a better environment for your children to be raised in. Maybe you have outgrown your current home and are purchasing a bigger home. Sometimes you have to move for financial reasons out of your control. Divorce or death are also common reasons for people to move. Whatever the reason is for your move you will want to make sure that your kids understand why you are moving. Research shows that the more information that you give them the better.

Making a Child Feel Comfortable with New Home

If you are moving within the city that you currently live in you will want to take your kids to see your new home. Showing them what room will be theirs is comforting to them as well. If you are moving out of the city you are currently in you can get online and show them pictures of the house you are going to live in. You can also show them pictures of the city that you are moving to. Once you get to your new home you will want to do everything that you can to help them get familiar with their new surroundings as soon as possible. As you are unpacking your home try and get their room situated quickly. When children have their room set up the way they like it and have all of their belongings unpacked they will feel more at ease.

How Can You Help a Kid Get to Know the Community?

In addition to unpacking their room as quickly as possible you can also show them around their community. Help them make new friends by taking time to meet your neighbors. You can also go to the park and play places so that they can meet new people. If you have older kids you may have to get creative in helping them make new friends. One way to do this is help them get involved in their favorite activities through the community or school. Kids do best when they can keep doing what they love.

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As you move Laprom Movers hopes these tips help you and your family easily transition to your new location. To make your move even smoother do not forget to hire Laprom Movers for all of your moving needs.