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Moving in Together Checklist in Whittier, CA; Inventory, Packing, Finding a New House or Apartment & More

When couples first decide to take the plunge and move in together for the first time, it can test the love and bond as people deal with the super stressful. When people hatch out the details, sometimes, the combining of furniture and housewares can be overwhelming and trying to figure out how to accomplish the task of combining two households can be a challenge to say the least. Discussing money, budgets, and finding the perfect home that fits the needs and style of the two of you are all details that need to be ironed out. Considering moving in together means the new favorite roommate and the best relationship. Today, we at Laprom Movers would like to offer some tips and advice on combining two households into one.

Take Inventory

Each person should start by separately listing an inventory of everything they have. Categorizing stuff in columns about the possessions that you want to keep and another you are willing to part with. Afterwards, you can combine your lists and get rid of the superfluous items before you combine your lives. You can downsize your stuff, for example, you do not need 3 toasters, 4 beds in a 2-bedroom house, and other such examples. Whether you are moving into a new home altogether or someone is moving in a current home, this allows you the opportunity to declutter in preparation for your move. Keep in mind, like you, there may be some sentimental items your partner does not want to let go at this time, avoid insults and unsupportive comments. If it is not sentimental, and you have not used any items in over 12 months, consider trashing, selling, or donating these items.

Finding a New House or Apartment to Move into Together

Once you have determined the new home, it needs to accommodate the couple dynamics. The best relationship tip is probably to find a new space together. Be sure to communicate and allow fair space for each other. There should be at least one room where you as a couple make over the room. This representation as a couple can help shape the rest of the home to have your individual tastes mesh together.

Packing to Move in Together

When it comes to packing, whether if you are both leaving the current housing, or one is moving in with the other, packing is essential. You will want to ensure you use high-quality boxes, fresh packing tape and markers, as well as enough bubble wrap and other protective options. Be sure to properly label the boxes with the basic contents and the room they belong in as well as if they are fragile.

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To make the move itself a lot simpler, call Laprom Movers and let our certified experts make certain your home is packed efficiently, safely, and in a timely manner. We can help make the move smooth and efficient to remove a lot of the headaches and burdens. Contact our offices today to talk with a friendly staff and we will happily assist you with any of the moving services you require.