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Moving in with Roommates Checklist in Inglewood, CA; Sharing Furniture Arrangements & More

The time has come for many young adults to move out of their parents’ house and get into a place of their own. They usually will want to get out and find a place they can afford while working in a minimum wage job or going to school. That means that they will usually find some roommates to make the transition easier as well as financially affordable. For a person that has never been out on their own and lived with other people this can be a hard transition. First you are packing and loading your things to be moved to a new city and sometimes state to start off fresh. The move is not always the hard part. You need to find a place to live, roommates and then load and pack your items so that they can be driven to your new house. Once you get there the real work will start to set in. You need to find ways to get along and make the transition easier on you and the other roommates. Laprom Movers outlines tips on moving in with roommates.

Setting Boundaries with Roommates

When you are ready to move in with roommates it is important you sit down right away to set some boundaries. There may be some roommates that have allergies that should be taken into account. You also want to make sure that each roommate has a voice and that they let you know if there are things that they don’t like or make them feel uncomfortable. It is a good idea to find out what you can and then as a group make a deal on being respectful. This will make the living situation much better for all that are there.

Roommate Chore Chart & Cleaning Rules

You also want to make sure that you take some time to create some sort of schedule. The schedule has a lot of things that should be timed out. You want to set times for each person to run their laundry. You also need to have a cleaning schedule as well as a cooking schedule so that all the work is spread out through each roommate. This will make the workload doable so that each person can find the time to get their part done. You do not want to leave any one person in charge of too much of the work because it will make them feel resentful.

Share Things with Roommates

When you move in it is a good idea to talk about what each person will bring to the space. Most homes do not have enough room for each person to bring all their kitchen, bathroom and living space needs. That is why it is a good idea to talk about who should bring a couch, appliances, dishes and more. Then you can make sure that each part of the house is taken care of without having more than one of each item. Sharing your things is a great way to build a bond with your roommates.

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