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Moving Tips in Calabasas, CA; Look for Professional Movers, Schedule the Move, Pack Early & More

When you are planning a move there is a lot to consider. Moving can be a lot of work and cause stress. To make a move easier there are a few steps you will want to take. For those who are seeking tips to make a move easier and far less stressful, Laprom Movers will share a few ways you can make a move easy and with far less stress.

Look for a Moving Company

Many people will attempt to do the move themselves. They discover than when moving a large family and an entire household by themselves, there is a lot more work and far more stress than they anticipated. Instead of going that route, consider seeking help and use a professional moving service. Moving companies often provide loading and unloading services, and some may even provide portable storage units and storage facilities which can help make moving far easier. When seeking out a moving service, look for review or ask questions of those who have had experience with a moving company. Additionally make sure the moving service is fully insured and licensed.

Get Ready to Schedule the Move

A professional mover needs to be schedules to ensure the move gets done on time especially in you are on a tight timeline. Movers can come help load and unload, but you will want to make sure they are scheduled. When scheduling a move make sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare your new home first, such as you want to clean or do any repainting or pre-move in work. In most cases, with the aid of a professional moving service, you can get a move done in one day. However, you can also rent a portable storage unit(s) which allows you to move, pack and unpack on your own time.

Create a Moving Checklist

When creating a moving list you will want to create a few categories such as take, sell, donate, recycle and throw away. Often we accumulate items that we may never use. You will want to reduce the amount you want to take with you if possible. You can set up garage sales, or even donate items that are still in good repair. Other items can be recycled such as electronics, glass, cardboard, and metals. Other items that are broken or no longer needed, consider throwing it away. You will find by reducing the number of items you take with you can help make a move less work and easier and help with a fresh start.

Pack Early

When moving it is recommended to begin packing as soon as possible. You can start with knickknacks, and other items that you don’t need to use daily. You can rent a portable storage unit and slowly begin filling it with those items in your home you won’t need during the interim period. This can help make the move less work when spreading the packing over time. You may be surprised how packing early can help make a move feel easier and less stressful.

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