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Packing & Crating in Pomona, CA; Cardboard Moving Boxes, Cartons, Large Crates & More

When it comes to moving tips, many experts recommend using different size boxes but many people are not convinced box size matters. In short, the boxes make a huge impact on the success and smoothness of your move. Having various sizes of high quality boxes is more pertinent than you may think. To prevent damaging your belongings, box design is essential. Initially, it may seem like less of a hassle at first to simply toss items haphazardly into the same giant box and scratching the room it belongs to on the ide. Once at the new home you start unloading boxes and see smashed plates and glasses, you will likely regret your packing strategy. Investing in some of the following specialized boxes designed to avoid such heartbreak should be your strategy. We at Laprom Movers have listed the boxing and packing strategy for a more efficient move.

Standard Cardboard Moving Boxes

When you think of moving boxes, the standards are what you imagine. All industry standard boxes include the small 1.5 cubic foot boxes, medium 3 cubic foot boxes, and large 4.5 cubic foot boxes. For a basic guide, the smaller boxes are better for heavier items such as books for example since the cardboard holds up better against a small amount of heavy stuff rather than a large amount.

Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Forget folding and packing clothes into standard boxes since the clothing too densely packed together will overload regular boxes which causes the bottom of the box to split open. Instead, take advantage of the defining feature of this design, which is the short horizontal bar that can handle about 2 feet of hanger space comfortably.

Glassware & Dish Packing Boxes

For nicer and more stable protection during the journey, these box types feature partitions that keep your dinner and stemware. Having the extra protection as well as properly wrapping the plates and bowls instead of stacking them directly, keeps them from rattling around.

Flat Screen TV & Mirror Moving Box

This specialized box is in order if you want to avoid seven years of bad luck and/or the stigma of being the person who scratched up the LED TVs or computer screens. To prevent rocking, the guards for the screen, or the secure cardboard joints that can hold the edges are featured in the mirror or flat screen boxes. These boxes can be a little more involved to prepare, but they are well-worth the energy invested to protect your delicate items.

Custom Crating Services

For increased protection for your moving goals, no matter if it is for a long distance or a local move, custom crating is offered through many dependable moving companies, such as Laprom Movers. The items that are fragile or particularly valuable, in addition to sharp or heavy items that can damage other belongings, are better packaged and protected with custom crating. You can have peace of mind that your sensitive equipment, delicate furnishings, or fragile artwork is ready for their journey on any rough roads or traffic ahead.

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Crating solutions included can involve Heavy Equipment Crating, Electronic Equipment Crating, Custom Crating, and more. For more information regarding custom crating or other fine moving services, contact Laprom Movers and let our qualified experts assist you!