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Packing Tips in Hermosa Beach, CA; How to Pack On Site Portable Storage Containers

There are many times during a person’s life where they will find they must move to a different home. Sometimes it in the same city, other times it may be a long distance move. Their are many ways to handle a move. For some it is last minute where they try and scramble around trying to get everything packed. However, last minute packing becomes stressful, items often get lost or damaged due to unorganized or improper packing. If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of notice, consider packing early and using a portable storage unit. Laprom Movers will share how packing early and using a storage unit can help make a move easier and less stressful.

Portable Storage Containers for Long or Short Term

When moving either long or short distances, a portable storage unit can be a lifesaver. Portable storage units provides the homeowner the option to begin packing early and store item that don’t have immediate use. Packing items provides more space in the home. If you plan to sell your home, removing some items provides more space for basic renovations. Additionally, you can take your time packing items and organizing so nothing gets lost or damage during a move.

Choosing a Portable Container Storage Unit Size

If you’re considering renting a storage unit, size is a consideration to help you make the right choice. Some moving services provide a variety of unit sizes. Some size are in high demand so look for a storage unit early to get the right size. Each household size varies so get the right container.

How to Pack Container Storage

One major considerations when renting a storage unit is what to pack inside. When packing or loading a storage unit don’t pack perishables such as food, plants, fireworks, guns and ammunition. Paints and chemicals are all discouraged. However, what you can start with are d├ęcor items such as pictures, painting, knickknacks, rugs, and curtains. Furniture that doesn’t have immediate use can also be packed away. What you choose to pack away first may depend on how early you began packing however, most non-perishable items that don’t require immediate use are recommended.

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Portable storage units provide the unique opportunity to begin packing early on site, giving the homeowner plenty of time to go through their home, reduce and organize. If you have a future move and want a quality moving service that provides storage units for long or short term, contact Laprom Movers today.