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Packing Tips & Tricks from a Professional Organizer Moving Company in Huntington Park, CA

When you are ready to move to a new house there is a lot of work that has to be done. There are steps that you have to take before you do any packing. This can be finding a new home, calling on the utilities and even planning on what you need to take with you. Then you want to make sure that you call the moving company so that you can make plan and schedule the actual move. Once that is done you can take some time to make a plan of action. This will include going through what you have and deciding on what you want to take with you, donate and throw away. Then you can start the packing process so that you are ready to load your things on the truck when it arrives. The problem is that there are some items that are hard to pack and prepare to be moved. There are some tips on the best way to pack them and move them to a new location. Laprom Movers offers tips for how to move hard to pack items and belongings.

How to Transplant Small & Large Plants

One of the hardest items for someone to pack and move happens to be their living plants. Many people choose to have plants in their house as a way to create décor and have some life that they can take care or and bring beauty into a space. Plants are usually quite fragile and if they are not handled properly they can die and not survive the move. Your house plants need to be cared for along the move and that is why they need to not be packed deep in the truck. You can keep your plants in a place so that they are able to be watered as well as getting some fresh air and some sunlight. You can make sure they are kept secured so that they do not sustain damage along the way as well.

How to Pack Books to Fit in a Box

Another hard to deal with item when you move happens to be books. It may seem like an easy item since they are not odd shaped. The problem is that books are heavy when you pack them in a box. Some people try and pack all their books in a single box and that can create a box that is too heavy to lift which can potentially cause an injury to person. The best thing that you can do is to use smaller boxes and only place a few books at a time in the box.

How to Pack Dishes, Bowls, Wine Glasses & More

You want to make sure that you have a plan for your fragile dishes and glassware. Boxes with separations are a great idea so that you can pack and transport your glassware safely. The fragile items need to be packed with paper or bubble wrap so that they will make it through the move without being damaged or broken.

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Laprom Movers can come out and make sure that you’re hard to move and other items are packed and moved safely to your new home. Call us today to schedule your next move.