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Relocation Action Plan & Office Moving Tips in Los Angeles, CA; Label Packing Boxes & More

All business owners start out with a dream and a lot of hope when they open their new business. Starting a new business is a scary endeavor. You are investing tons of time and money to start something that you believe in. As time goes on and your hard work and effort pays off it is extremely rewarding. There are some growing pains that come along with a business that takes off. One area that you eventually may need to address is the size of your office. When you first start out your office was probably as big as you could afford but as your business has grown you have probably outgrown the space. If you are in the process of moving your office Laprom Movers has some tips for you to think about to help the process be as seamless as possible.

Downsize Office Equipment & Supplies

Before you start packing you will want to go through your current office and decide what you are taking with you and what you will no longer need. There is no reason to take the time to pack and move items that you will not use in your new space. You will want to go through your entire office as you think about this. Many business owners have old phones, copiers, printers, computers, office furniture, and office supplies that they simply do not use anymore. Once you decide what you are taking with you to your new office space you will need to decide what you are going to do with the items you are not bringing with you. You will have some items that just need to be thrown in the garbage. Other items you will need to decide if you are going to sell or donate. Anything that you donate is tax deductible so make sure that you keep your donation receipts.

Label Packing Boxes for Moving

As you start packing make sure that you carefully label every box. If you do not have everything labeled correctly it will take you longer to unpack when you get to your new office. The longer that you take when you are unpacking the longer that you will be unable to conduct business as normal. Since every business owner needs to make money to stay open this is an important factor.

How to Pack Office Electronics for Moving

When you pack your electronics you will want to take the time to do it correctly. Your computers are likely one of the most expensive items in your office but they are also truly essential to your business. Your computers also house all of your important documents needed to properly run your business. Laprom Movers can help you move your computers and other electronics safely that you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

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One common mistake that business owners make is that they get so wrapped up in the details of moving their belongings that they forget to tell their customers about their big move. You will want to make sure that you announce your move to your customers in advance. If your customers cannot find your business they will not be able to utilize your services. As you follow all of these tips your move should go well. Laprom Movers cannot wait to be a part of your move. Give us a call today to schedule your move.