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Renovate Before or After Moving In to a New House in Pico Rivera, CA? Storage Options & More

When you purchase a new home there may be some projects that you are wanting to tackle right away. Laprom Movers has worked with all sorts of families that have asked us for input on when to move into their new house if they have projects they want to do. Our honest answer is that it truly depends on your individual situation. Let’s go over a few different scenarios that come up regularly.

Is There Time for Projects Before Moving in to New House?

First you will need to ask yourself if doing the projects before you move in is really a realistic option. This will be determined largely by the date that you need to be out of your current home. For many people having their move overlap by a few weeks simply is not an option. If you can find a way to overlap your moves then doing some projects before moving in is a fantastic choice. If your moves do not overlap you may have a few other options to consider. Do you have family in the area that would let you live with them for a few weeks? Can you afford to rent a hotel or other housing option for a few weeks? If either of these are available to you doing your projects ahead of time is also a possibility you may want to consider. Lots of people have us move their items from one house into the garage of their new home. Then after their projects are done they have us come and unload everything into their house. Laprom Movers also offers short-term and long-term storage options for our customers.

What Home Improvement Projects Should Be Done First After You Move In?

If you are lucky enough to have some options of places to live while your projects are being completed you will want to consider the projects that you want to do. Start with the projects that are in your bedrooms and bathrooms first. It is hard for your family to function without a place to sleep, use the restroom, shower, and brush their teeth. After these projects are complete you may be able to move into your home and finish up other projects that are easier to work around while you live there. After your bedrooms and bathrooms you will probably want to focus on your kitchen. Your family will definitely need a place to prepare and eat food once you move in. For this reason, kitchen projects are harder to do while you are living in the home. This does not mean it is impossible, but it is for sure harder. As you look at your list of home improvement projects you may have some projects that are in areas of the house that are easier to work around. If you have projects that you want to do in your living room, family room, den, garage, or outside it is typically not too inconvenient to work on those while you are living in the house.

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Once you have decided when you are ready to move in, Laprom Movers is ready to come out and get you moved out of your current home and into your new home. Call us today to schedule your move!