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Save Money, Time & Convenience Using Portable Moving Storage Containers in West Hills, CA

One of the innovations that have aided the moving business is the storage container. The moving company can drop off the container, and you can load it over time. The company then comes and picks up the container and moves it to storage pending actual transfer or moves the item to the new location. In many instances it is necessary to store items pending a move. Not all items need to go with the initial move and accommodation may require a few days. Rather than handle moving the items twice the storage container can be loaded, stored and transported at your convenience.

Label Packing Boxes for Storage

Another interesting innovation is standardized boxing and crating options that make packing easier that you would expect. But the big thing is organization. Kitchen stuff is marked for the new kitchen. Bedroom #2 stuff goes to the new bedroom #2. Simple identifications of contents and where to move them for unpacking greatly simplify the moving process.

Packing Peanuts, Paper, Bubble Wrap & Other Materials

Packing materials like bubble wrap and other materials can protect breakables with efficiency and prevent damage to glass and ceramics or other delicate materials. Special attention to electronics. A computer box should also contain all of the cables necessary to get it up and running without risking loss or displacement of the necessary peripherals and the connecting cables. Organization on the front end, means peace at the end.

How to Save Money to Move In or Out of State

There some ways to save a buck or two on your move:
Book in advance: Do your homework and pick a moving company. You lose out on many options if you wait until the last minute. Booking 6 months in advance can save up to 25%. You need time to look for inexpensive or free moving supplies, hold a garage sale or organize your packing. Keep in mind the 5 P’s, prior planning prevents poor performance. Generally, movers will access you about $0.50 per pound. This does not include packing fees including both materials and labor, insurance or storage costs and moving tariffs.
Save on other costs when you hire movers:
o Carboard boxes, bubble wrap, moving blankets, tape and markers. If you know somebody at your favorite store you can sometimes talk them out of boxes. They have to pay somebody to break them down for disposal, in most cases they’re happy to help, save some bucks on boxes.
o Moving insurance, the basic liability protection that is part of your contract will fall short of the value of your possessions. Purchase additional protection from the movers or a third party. Common coverage is between about 30¢ to a max of 60¢ per pound. A 5,000 pound load will only be covered for about $3,000.00 in damaged or destroyed goods.
Stairs – these will cost you increasing costs on moving day. More work and more opportunity for damaged goods or injuries. Verify how much extra movers change for stairs.
Elevators – Movers may charge extra for elevators, unless management dedicates one for the move. Can’t park in front of your place may cost you a long-carry fee of a $100/75 feet of carry.
Summer moves will cost more than off-season moves. Summer because of the volume of moves tend to cost more. If possible, choose an off-peak month for your move. Fall months October and November moves may save you some money. Colder weather and the holiday season will see movers dropping their fee structure.
Do your own packing. Start early, take a room at a time and stay organized.
Proper packing technique. It takes practice to learn, but will save in the long run:
o Maximize space and use fewer boxes.
o Saves time loading and unloading
o Prevents damage during move.
Essentials box in car. Have an essentials box with dishes, some bedding, first aid kit and medications that you pack in your car. May be a day or two before the movers arrive.
Downsize before moving. You may want to hold a garage sale. Moving is a good time to get rid of the ‘fluff’, all those things you haven’t even looked at in years.
Moving containers really help. The movers drop it off, you load it they pick it up and take it to your new home. Oh, they can double as storage at the other end if it takes a while to settle in.

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