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Short Notice Moving Hacks in West Hollywood, CA; Where to Start Clearing Clutter to Move & More

To help plan and execute an organized and smooth moving process, optimally, 8 weeks or more can get it done. Where 4 weeks is still doable, anything less can be stressful. Though these short notice moves can be a challenge, with the right approach, you can make it. When you have to move on a short notice, we at Laprom Movers would like to provide some last-minute moving hacks to help you make your deadline.

Where to Start Clearing Clutter to Move

With the 3 basic categories, separate your possessions into stuff you want to donate, keep and toss. As an important guideline, avoid packing anything you really do not want to take with you. As you go through your stuff, divide your things into 3 categories; items you keep, donate, and toss. Remember, just keep your focus and work one room at a time and the time crunch will be less overwhelming. Before packing, go to room to room to organize the division. Before the packing starts, condensing your stuff really helps the process. Go through each room and separate your stuff into the three above mentioned categories, donations, trash, and stuff you are taking with you. As you continue to reduce your items, relief will wash over you and your motivation move will improve. Anything you should choose to donate; be sure it is usable and in good condition. These items, if time allows, can also be sold at a garage sale as well. At the least, you can usually get a cash value receipt for items donated for a tax right off.

Moving Essentials Box

Once you arrive at your new place, prior to packing, consider the things you will need immediately. Laptops and tablets, chargers for these devices and for your phone, along with hygiene products, a couple of changes of clothing, and even a few snacks can be put together, so you have the essentials when you arrive at your new home. For security, include important documents including insurance cards, birth certificates, and other sensitive documents.

Organize Moving Supplies

Your only hope for staying sane is staying is being organized. Put together a moving checklist, at the top list the moving supplies you will need like the packing material, markers, boxes, tape, moving tools and moving equipment.

Pack & Label Moving Boxes

Room by room and by category, pack and label your boxes. In order to keep your stuff together in each room, note the components like removable cords as you coordinate your packing. As you pack, be sure to label as you go by both room and by category. You want to make sure your labeling system makes sense as opposed to treating it as another item that needs to be packed away. You can see your checklist dwindling as you cross off the items, giving the feeling accomplishment as you make progress. keep your focus and pack room by room until everything is ready for your movers to come in.

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