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Things People Forget to Do when They Move in Hidden Hills, CA; Notify Change of Address & More

There is a list of timelines and ‘to do’ lists to get done as the moving date quickly approaches. Being organized, making arrangements, sticking to the moving budget, and preparing for the big day can be overwhelming. Things often get overlooked or forgotten in the middle of the chaos. To help you avoid some added stress during or after your move, we at Laprom Movers would like to remind you of the most common things forgotten before the move.

Gym & Other Membership Cancellations Due to Moving

Save a bit of cash and make sure your membership cancellations are taken care of 6 weeks before your move. You do not want to pay for the neighborhood gym or kickboxing class months after the fact. Most of these establishments request a written 30-day notice for cancelling. Doing it six weeks before a move can ensure it is done before you leave. Make certain you update the new address on your automated monthly subscriptions and any kind of mail-order service you have, such as Amazon Prime, medications, and so on.

Hardware & Odds and Ends Need to Be Packed

Locks and keys on gates, curtain rods, TV wall mount and other such hardware should be packed with the essentials. Go from room to room and ensure you have everything, excluding the permanent fixtures that will belong to the new occupants. Be sure to label all of the odds and ins in a labeled plastic bag. Do not forget to leave the garage door opener behind so you do not have to mail it back.

Who to Notify of Change of Address

Doctors, dentists, therapists, veterinarians, and other professionals possessing personal records will either need to have your files transferred to the new professionals or allow you to attain the physical files. All the information concerning you, your family, and your pets such as copies of prescriptions, any medical records for procedures or surgeries, and certainly school records for the kids, and other information should be gathered and kept with you while you travel and properly delivered to your new specialists. Government entities like the IRS or DMV should also be aware of address change and be sure a week or so before you move to register your address change with the post office.

Moving Day Planning

There seems to be a never-ending spiral of last-minute tasks as moves are often rushed towards the very end. Because you are so focused on getting ready for that moving truck, many people overlook the plan of getting from the old house to the new one. People forget to leave pack a “first night” bag for their new house with some essentials, or if they have to make a stop or two along the way depending on how long the travel is. Be sure you have all your personal documents, IDs, passports, and other official documents with you. Consider what you and your pets may need to make the trip as smooth as possible. If you do not intend to drive for your long-distance move, be sure you arrange auto-transports in advance.

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