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Things that Get Broken Easily During a Move in Arcadia, CA; How to Pack Glasses, Mirrors, Lamp Shades & More

Whenever you move your belongings you have to be extremely careful to ensure that everything stays intact during the process. Some items are quite easy to move without breaking them. Other items tend to break if you do not take extra precautions when you are packing them. Today Laprom Movers is going to talk about some of these items and what we will do when we pack your belongings to prevent them from breaking.

Packing Wine, Mugs & Other Drinking Glasses

The first item on the list is drinking glasses. Drinking glasses top the list of items that are likely to break during your move. One of the reasons that drinking glasses are likely to break is that they are hollow in the center where your beverage goes. When you pack your cups we recommend that you use a box that is designed for cups. Boxes that are designed for cups have extra cardboard in them to help insulate your cups. You will also want to wrap your drinking glasses carefully before putting them in the box.

Tips for Packing Electronics

Typically the electronic items in your home are some of the most valuable items in your home. Not only do electronics have a large price tag attached to them, they also house information that is legally and emotionally valuable. Your computer is an item that can be both financially and emotionally valuable. When you pack your electronics you will need to take time to carefully wrap and insulate all of the large and small parts on your electronic items so that they arrive safely in your new home.

How to Pack Mirrors for Moving

Mirrors are obviously a fragile item. Homeowners do understand that mirrors need to be wrapped securely before being packed onto the moving truck. The problem is that mirrors frequently are not packed with enough padding to keep them safe. When you hire Laprom Movers to pack and move your belongings we will take extreme care with your mirrors so that they stay in one piece during your move.

Moving Lamp Shades

Lamp shades are a fantastic way to make a decorative statement in your home. If you have lamp shades in your home you may be wondering how on earth you are going to pack them safely. The problem is that lamp shades are large and have an awkward shape. We have found that wrapping every inch of the lamp shade in bubble wrap and then filling the interior cavity with packing paper is the best method for packing your lamp shades.

Packing Books

It may seem strange to see books on this list. Books may not break but they do get damaged on a regular basis during moves. Packing your books too tightly is one of the most common mistakes that people make. Too many gaps in the box can also cause damage to your books. You should use a book box when you pack your books. Then lay your books flat, horizontally and stack them with the heaviest books on the bottom and the paperback books on the top. If there are any gaps between the books you will want to fill them with packing paper.

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Hopefully reading this has shown you what items you will want to take extra caution when you pack them so that they do not break during the move. If you hire Laprom Movers to help you pack we will guarantee that we will pack your belongings as carefully as possible. Contact us for all your moving and storage needs.