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Things to Do on Moving Day in Brentwood, CA; Tips to Move with Pets, Children, Teenagers, Adults & More

Moving is a stressful time and not just for the adults that are making all the decisions. They of course are feeling the brunt of the stress having to ensure that the move is the right thing to do but there are other people that are usually involved. There are friends and family that you might be leaving behind. Your children whether they are teens or even a toddler will feel the stress of a move. There are also schools and others people in the community that might feel bad about a family that they love moving. You want to be sure that you focus on what is important and that you don’t overlook what you need to do with the rest of the family. Of course the more prepared in advance you are and the sooner you hire a moving company the less stress there will be. There is a lot that goes into a move and you want to have a plan for each member of the home so that they are not in the way and that they are doing what is needed. Laprom Movers outlines what you should have each member of the house doing on moving day.

Tips for Moving with Your Pets

One of the things that you want to consider when you are moving is where your pets will be. They are usually a standard member of the house and some people realize on moving day that they should have made a plan for their pets. Whether you have a cat, dog or other pet you want to make sure that they are safe and secure during the move. This can mean that you need to make arrangements to have someone take them to their house during the move or to have them boarded during the move. This will prevent your pet from getting out of the house and potentially getting lost since the doors tend to be open a lot when boxes and furniture is being loaded.

How to Help Your Child with Moving Anxiety

Another member of the house that you want to consider are your younger kids. There is an age that kids are more helpful and can understand how to stay out of the way and do small things to be helpful but the younger kids are not usually there. If you have kids that are young you want to make sure that you make arrangements for them to be babysat either at the house so they can feel like they are a part of the process or at a different location. To help your younger kids cope they may do better at the house so they can see the action that is unfolding.

Effects of Moving on a Teenager

If you have teens you want to put them to work. Even if you have a moving company out there are things that you will still have to do. The great thing is that you can give these tasks to your teens so they can move smaller things and take care of other projects.

Moving Guidelines for Adults

Assign one adult as a person that will be the go to. They need to be available to answer questions and give orders about where each item needs to go. This person should be an adult that has knowledge about where things will go and what needs to be placed where. The rest of the adults can get to work to make sure that the move goes over smoothly.

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