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What Not to Pack in Moving Boxes or a Storage Container Pod During Your Move in Encino, CA

Hiring professional movers takes most of the stress and hard work out of moving. Let’s face it, packing can take a lot of energy out of a person who already has copious amounts of work to do otherwise. Then moving day itself is exhausting and never seems to end. You never quite realize how many possessions you own until you have to pack them all up and move them to your next destination. This is why many people choose the ease of leaving the hard work to the professionals. Here at Laprom Movers, we want your next moving experience to be stress free and simple. Our dedicated and experienced staff can safely and securely organize, pack, load, move, unload and unpack your things in a fraction of the time it would normally take one to do alone or with the help of friends and family. You won’t have to worry about your grandma’s china hutch, or that big screen T.V. you saved up for all those years! We’ve got you covered with expertise and insurance to back it! There are a few things you should know about what a professional mover can’t take with them on their truck. Not everything can be moved from one house to another and that is what we will be discussing today.

Prohibited Items Movers Won’t Pack or Move

Don’t Ever Pack Hazardous Materials– These are things that are generally considered poisonous, flammable, corrosive or explosive. Ammonia, charcoal, chemistry sets, darkroom chemicals, cleaning solvents, fertilizer, fireworks, gasoline, kerosene, liquid bleach, motor oil, paint, paint thinner, pesticides poisons, pool chemicals, aerosol cans, propane tanks etc. If you have lawn equipment that is gasoline powered, you must be sure to empty out all gas a few days prior to the move. Many of these items mentioned can either be given to a neighbor or properly disposed of and replaced later. The reasons we can’t move these items are pretty obvious and they present a hazard and are too dangerous to be moved on a moving truck. Chances are, if the item can’t be disposed of in your regular trash receptacle, movers can’t move it.
Don’t Pack & Move Perishable Items Long Distance– If your move is going to be long distance, chances are you’ll have to leave perishable items behind. These things include, perishable or opened food items and frozen foods. These items will likely not hold over well over a long distance and will attract unwanted pests and rodents. This puts your valuables at risk of pest infestations and our trucks at risk as well. A few weeks before your big move, take an inventory of all the perishable or opened food items in your home and start working on eating them up. Anything left over on moving day can be given to a neighbor or disposed of prior to the move. Unopened non-perishable food items are just fine but should be packed and labeled clearly.
Don’t Pack Firearms or Ammunition in a Pod or Moving Box for Movers to Transport– Most moving companies will not transport firearms. This is an item that is best served riding safely in the vehicle with you for your move. Ammunition is another item that can not be transported on a moving truck.
Move Small Valuable & Personal Items Yourself– Things like car titles, deeds, personal documentation, financial documents, jewelry, cash, medicine, laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, tax records, family heirlooms etc. are all things that should be kept in your vehicle with you at all times. Pack these items, clearly label the box and set it aside to be moved with you. Designate a room or kitchen counter for all of the things you don’t want the movers to take and notify them upon their arrival that that area is off limits. That way there will be no mishaps and your valuable or irreplaceable possessions will be safe with you.

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Laprom Movers offers reliable, fast moving and packing services. We use the highest quality packing materials and boxes to keep your important items safe from harm. We hope this list will help to make you next move a smooth transition. Contact us for all your moving needs!