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What to Do While Movers are Moving in Diamond Bar, CA & How to Make the Move Easier!

The average American just doesn’t have the time to pack and move their belongings from location to location these days. We are working longer, harder hours than in years past, which leaves less time for all the extra things we have to fit into our schedules. This is why most people prefer to hire a professional moving company to help them with their moves! Although most movers won’t pull you aside on moving day to ask for special favors, there are a few things that you can do to make the process go smoother for your moving guys. They will be truly grateful too! We have compiled a small list of the things that movers truly love!

Provide Easy Access for Moving Trucks & Vans to Park

Will your movers be able to park their truck in your yard? Or will they have to find a place to park in a busy neighborhood? If parking is hard to come by, one of the best things you can do is reserve a space in front of your house or apartment. Have a few friends help out by parking their cars out front to reserve space for the moving truck. This will make the time it takes to haul stuff from the house to the truck go much quicker, especially heavy items. Some moving companies will charge a fee for having to walk a distance to the truck, and it takes a toll on the movers.

Unplug Lamps, Electronics & Appliances for Movers

While this task may seem menial, it makes all the difference to have everything unplugged and ready to go. It can be a maze behind the living room T.V. stand. While we don’t mind getting on all fours to untangle and organize the cords back there, you could save yourself some money and the movers some time by having everything unplugged and ready to be packed and moved.

Walkthrough with Movers

Upon the mover’s arrival, give them a quick walk through and let them know where the heavy items are located, as well as the things you’d rather move yourself. If possible, clearly label the items you will be taking with you and place them either on the kitchen counter, or in a special room with the door shut and advise your movers that the area is off limits. This will clear up any confusion and keep things running smoothly.

Drain Sports & Yard Equipment of Gas & Oil Prior to Moving Day

If you have any gas/oil powered equipment that that we will be moving, please be advised that movers can not move any type of gas/oil or other hazardous materials in the moving truck for safety reasons. A few days prior to the mover’s arrival, be sure to drain anything containing hazardous waste and advise us that you have done so.

Clear Out Fridge & Defrost Freezer when Moving

If you are moving more than just a few blocks away, movers can’t transport perishable items. Be sure to have your fridge cleared out and unplug your freezer the day before the move so it can have ample time to defrost. Be sure to place towels around the bottom of the freezer and leave the door open so it can drain. We would be ever so grateful, and this will save you money in the end!

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While it is NEVER expected, having quick snacks or a few waters/sports drinks on hand for the movers will make their day! You hired us so you can take a load off and worry about more important things. After we get going, let us move and groove as much as possible without interruption. We are happy to do the heavy lifting and hard work for you! Contact Laprom Movers to discuss your moving needs.