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How to Pack & Load a Moving Truck in Hawthorne, CA; Boxes or Furniture First & More

Loading the moving truck can be a tricky project if you do not have much experience. The goal is to get as much as you can in loaded without causing potential damage. When professionals load the truck, they do it in an organized and methodical approach while properly protecting your furniture and other fragile items. Where it might be more beneficial to invest in professional services to ensure your stuff is properly loaded, some people simply want to do the job themselves. We at Laprom Movers & Storage would like to share some useful tips and suggestions to properly and effectively load your moving truck.

Preparation for Loading Cargo into a Moving Truck

Pre-planning helps you reduce the time it takes to load and the fatigue that can quickly take hold. With an efficiently loaded truck, whether you are transporting or having a pro, it ensures a safe and smoother travel.

Moving Box Size Guide

Rather than using used mis-matched boxes, it is best to use similar-size moving-grade boxes that are easily designed to square off and maintain the integrity of stacks. Be sure all boxes are properly labeled with their contents (general or detailed), and the room destination.

Wrap & Protect Furniture etc when Moving

All unboxed items should be protected with plastic stretch wrap, paper padding, and/or furniture pads. The upholstered furniture is ideally wrapped with self-adhering plastic wrap, paper padding or furniture pads to prevent soiling or punctures. Metal furnishings, with a focus on the corners and legs, should be protected with moving pads or paper padding. Marble table tops mirrors, large framed pictures should be adequately protected in in plenty of paper padding or furniture pads.

Furniture Disassembly Before Loading

When it comes to larger furniture, such as entertainment centers, bed frames, dining tables, dresser mirrors and so on, be sure to disassemble them, organizing the hardware in individual labeled boxes or bags with notecards for reassembly. Larger rugs wrap the bed rails and disassembled furniture legs well. Wrap the book shelves separately.

What to Do with Food when Moving to a New House

Before the move, remove all food 24-48 hours to loading from the fridge and freezer. If you are moving a long distance, it is best to donate or give away the food as they will likely spoil. To prevent musty odors, hang a bag of charcoal or coffee beans or grounds.

Loading Appliances onto Moving Truck

Avoid tipping the fridge on the side as you can damage the compressor. Washing machines should be drained 24 hours before loading and tipped backwards to ensure the water is drained. Place the hoses in plastic bags and then place those inside the unit. Any trays and glass shelves from fridges and microwaves should wrapped and packed in a moving box.

Do Movers Load Boxes or Furniture First?

One or two people should be the designator truck loaders where they stay on the truck and snuggle stack and load everything where everyone else brings out the items. Ensure the stacking starts towards the front of the truck or the cab and stack up to the ceiling before coming out to the end of the trailer. Heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Square stack flat surfaces to make stacking easier and more durable. Everything should be fitted tightly to avoid shifting while the truck is moving, any empty space can be filled with the fillers, such as rolled rugs, furniture legs, and so on. Heavy furniture and appliances are best distributed along the walls and be sure to equally divide the weight on both sides. Between the mattresses, place wrapped mirrors and frames, and in different areas, place the wrapped headboards and footboards between other mattresses. Gas operated items such as lawn mowers, weed whackers and so on should be placed on a plastic sheet on the truck and covered with tarp or plastic sheeting. Motorcycles, ATVs, riding lawn mowers should be strapped down securely.

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Loading and unloading has more work and strategy than you may think. With the help of Laprom Movers & Storage, your loading and unloading can be done more efficiently and safely to ensure a smooth move. Call us today for more services and schedule your moving day.