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Moving FAQ in Lynwood, CA; How Do I Move a Fish Tank, Pack Fragile Items & More

Moving can be an intense project to undertake. Whether you have experienced it before or new to the moving process, people have there questions and today we at Laprom Movers would like to address a handful of the most frequently asked questions to help people be more familiar with the process.

Question: Is there packing secrets?
Moving supplies are the basics of packing. You need quality moving materials, durable, fresh new boxes and not the old hand-me-downs from the grocery store, and of different sizes. Do not overload heavy items in large boxes. Be sure the tape and markers are fresh, the bubble wrap is efficient and properly label every box, at the very least, what room the boxes go to and if they contain fragile items.

Question: How do I pack fragile items?
Absolutely, you need these delicate items well-protected, whether it is a local move or a long-distance move, or even storage. The delicates need to be custom fitted in their own boxes, crates, and cartons and if need be, moving blankets and/or bubble wrap. Anything that carries delicate and fragile items should be obviously labeled.

Question: What is the best way for moving long distance with pets?
The best way to move your pet, is to keep them with you while traveling on a road trip. This gives them the familiarity of their owner’s face to help ease anxiety. If the road trip is not feasible, check with the airlines and transportation options about policies for moving pets and other options. Make sure you know the rules about the local community regarding your pet.

Question: How do I move a fish tank?
The aerobic bacteria will start to die in a matter of hours and soon thereafter, your fish without efficient air filtration. While moving the tank, apply the following steps.
– Place your fish in adequate holding containers.
– Drain the tank.
– Disassemble the fish tank accordingly. For short time, the living plants can be protected inside a bag of water.
– Carefully wrap the glass shell accordingly, clean or trash the filter and pack all the pumps, heaters, and other electronics in labeled fragile boxes.

Question: Can I Move Houseplants from One Place to Another?
To safely transport your indoor plants, many moving companies have optimal packing materials, however, most will not take the responsibility of taking the plants. Keep in mind good climate control is essential so keeping the plant well protected in the vehicle is best. When this seems like too much headache, the plants make great gifts to family or friends who would enjoy them.

Question: How to stretch moving budget?
Start requesting the deposits on utility services, include a well-written customer letter stating the timeline and current on all bill payments. Take advantage of coupons, even if you do not normally use them to save on groceries, entertainment, and especially anything involving the move. Downsizing the home’s contents help stretch the budget, especially if you sell the stuff in good condition you would otherwise donate.

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