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Worst Moving Mistakes to Avoid in Redondo Beach, CA; No Part & Hardware Storage & More

Planning a move for any family, especially those with kids, can be overwhelming and challenging. For some the possibilities, the unknown, and the future in a new area can be scary, as well as feeling a little nervous and anxious. With full force, others on the other hand, are excited for the change and embrace it. When it comes to moving there are quite a few elements involved. Making the plan for the travel and getting settled into the life-routines can add a lot to your plate in addition to preparing the old house, making arrangements for the new home, packing the contents of your current home, and so much more. When it comes to moving, there are quite a few mistakes people make that cause for a disruptive, chaotic move that we at Laprom Movers would like to share to help movers avoid them.

Get an In Home Estimate

Too many people skip the in-home estimate when moving companies are compared. Without the in-home estimate you cannot efficiently evaluate what you will need to move, though there are constrictions to consider. Special requirements, weight, and size are the many factors included when it comes to moving your home’s contents, especially a long distance in California. Get your in-house estimate for your long-distance move to eliminate the surprises.

New Home Considerations when Moving

In homes with square footage, space not always implicated. For people who are upsizing the current home with a few hundred square footage, more space is expected for homeowners. However, especially when it comes to larger and bulky furniture pieces, the space is sometimes interfered with space and layout. You may have the bigger bedrooms, or dining rooms, or kitchen, just because you have more square footage. The space can be limited, for example, if there is an L” shaped dining area that might add up the square footage. Before packing up your stuff, be sure to know the new home’s layout and how things will fit.

Hardware Storage During Move

Many large pieces are better off broken down to keep a lot of furniture and such ready for a long journey. Whether they do it themselves or have a professional do it, the biggest mistake people do is not keep track of the hardware. To prevent items from getting lost in the fray of unpacking; organize, label, and track the parts and hardware. During the reassembly process as well, having everything organized and labeled can help a great deal.

Downsize & Declutter when Moving

The more you move to the new home, the more it costs, and the more work you have. Take the time to really assess what can be left behind before and during the packing process. To make unpacking a lot easier and to reduce the moving costs, be sure to downsize the load. To get rid of anything you haven’t used in over 12 months is a good guideline; consider what should be tossed out, donated, or sold.

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